NBFC Automation Power Up Your Lending Landscape with Cutting-Edge AI

Improve every performance metric – collection efficiency ratio, profit per account, RPC rate, age at list (AAL) with voice ai virtual agents and GenAI-powered automation.

NBFC Challenges

Loan Recovery

Relying solely on manual reminders often proves ineffective, with human agents and third-party agencies incurring hefty costs and experiencing limited success.

Operational overload

Manual workflows slow down processes, overburden teams, and hinder scalability.

Risk and compliance

Managing complex regulations and risk factors can be challenging and time-consuming.

Rising Operational Costs

Balancing technological advancements with cost control is a constant struggle for NBFCs.

GenAI-powered NBFC automation platform

Streamlined Debt collection

 Voice AI virtual assistants can automate reminder notifications with payment links and conduct regular follow-ups, leading to improved collection rates and reduced defaulters.

Loan Processing Speed

Automate loan applications, verification, and approvals, reducing turnaround times by up to 70%.

Enhanced Risk Management

Leverage AI-powered automation to analyze real-time data and predict potential risks, ensuring informed lending decisions.

Personalized Customer Service

Chatbots and voice AI virtual assistants provide tailored recommendations, proactive support, and dynamic interactions fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

Seamless Data Management

Integrate and cleanse data across various sources, creating a single source of knowledge base for better insights and decision-making.

Why Us

All in one Solution: Voice AI-powered NBFC Automation

Increased Efficiency

Streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and boost team productivity.

Reduced Costs

Lower operational expenses, minimize errors, and achieve cost savings through AI automation.

Improved Risk Management

Mitigate fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and make smarter lending decisions.

Enterprise grade security and compliance

Secure, compliant ready AI platform streamlines processes and helps achieve data-driven excellence.

Shorten collection cycle

Voice AI virtual assistants help shorten the collection process allowing human agents to focus on refuse to pay (RTP) accounts.

Multilingual Support

Voice AI virtual agents can converse in multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base and removing language barriers

Want to Accelerate Recovery?

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