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Automate your contact center operations
with Generative Conversational AI

The industry-leading, AI-native platform integrates seamlessly into every customer-facing aspect of your enterprise, enhancing efficiency and delivering unparalleled value.



Leverage Gen AI automation for lead generation enabling enterprises to bridge the gap between their marketing and sales teams, scale outbound campaigns, and reduce costs.


Supercharge B2B databases with Gen AI automation. Verify leads, contacts, and designations at lightning speed - 1000x faster, one click away.


Empower your sales reps by providing AI-assured leads in real-time by automating the lead qualification process with the power of Voice AI virtual agents.


AI voice virtual agents navigate IVR systems and gatekeepers to initiate contact with potential customers, ensuring a smooth transition to a live human agent.

Gen AI Voice Solutions for
Support & Sales Acceleration

Scalability and Cost Efficiency

With Gen AI-powered voice virtual assistants handling routine inquiries, Enterprises can scale their customer support without increasing operational costs. 

AI Voice VAs

AI voice virtual assistants excel in providing prompt responses to customer inquiries, extending round-the-clock support, and quickly addressing common issues. 

Built-In Scalability

This built-in scalability guarantees that as your enterprise grows, your customer support remains consistent, responsive, and highly efficient during peak hours.

Enterprise Grade

Achieve an ‘Enterprise’ level of excellence by streamlining processes using our Gen AI-powered automation platform.


With enterprise-grade security measures in place, businesses can confidently leverage generative AI for innovation and operational excellence.

Compliance As A Priority

Enhance efficiency along with data safety and compliance, which is essential in today’s data-driven landscape. Automation solutions to help enterprises comply with  HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, GDPR, DPDPA, etc.

Integration Class

With the integration of predefined industry-trained models, enterprises can harness the full potential of GenAI automation, promoting innovation, enhancing productivity, and ensuring optimal performance.

Streamline Workflows

Generative AI automation streamlines processes, automates repetitive tasks, and empowers SDRs to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work.

Enhanced Growth

Consistently deliver results that align with an enterprise’s unique goals and objectives. The result is a workforce with higher efficiency and effectiveness, driving revenue growth. 

AI Integration

Multilingual Proficiency

Generative AI voice solutions enable enterprises to bridge language barriers and foster effective communication on a global scale.

Power of GenAI LLMs

Leverage enterprise-grade multimodal AI automatic speech recognition and response technology for interactions in various languages and dialects (135+ languages).

Omnichannel Support

Ensure the delivery of exceptional customer experiences across all communication channels, directly impacting revenue growth by increasing customer engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales team productivity.

Real-Time Verification

Update data like contact details, email addresses, designations, and more with the power and intelligence of Gen AI in real-time, ensuring that it remains accurate and relevant, reducing the risk of data decay.

Accelerate Pipeline

Generative AI automation simplifies the sales cycle, empowering the sales reps for more impactful and meaningful conversations. 

Enhanced CX

Enhanced customer experiences, shorter marketing or sales cycles, and higher conversion rates.

AI in Real-Time Verification

Pre-Trained Models

Rapid deployment ensures time and resource optimization. Enhanced performance through user engagement, resulting in increasingly accurate and relevant responses over time.

Faster time-to-market

Successful proof of concept (48-72 hours POC) and initial launch within 1 week, speeding up time-to-market by 90%.

Natural Language Understanding

Boost customer service with rapid, meaningful engagements in multiple languages using your brand’s unique and natural voice, setting your service apart.

A Deep-Tech Voice AI Agent

That Helps You To Achieve A Measurable Business Outcome​

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More Meaningful Conversations
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Customer Interactions
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Control Center and Analytics

Faster And Flexible Deployment

Hyper Personalization

Multilingual Proficiency

Quicker Turnaround Time

Cost Optimization

Round The Clock Support

Improve Contact Center Productivity

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