Gen AI-Powered Voice Automation Solutions for Streamlined Lead Qualification

Generative AI-powered lead qualification automation solutions to both qualify and prioritize leads, assigning promising leads to SDRs with high conversion chances.

Voice Automation Solutions For Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification Challenges

Lead Qualification Challenges
Productivity Crunch

The process of manually qualifying leads is both time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Unaligned Teams

Missed opportunities & wasted leads due to lack of alignment between sales & marketing teams.

Data Accuracy

Ensuring the data used for lead qualification is up-to-date and accurate can be challenging, as customer information can change rapidly.

High Call Volumes

Manually tackling high call volumes can be a nightmare. This leads to longer wait times and frustrated customers.

Our Lead Qualification Solution

Simplify lead qualification with Voiceowl’s voice AI virtual assistants, a Gen AI-powered automation solution that makes 1000s of concurrent calls to identify and qualify prospects as qualified leads.

Data Enrichment

Generative AI-powered automation platform to ensure that your data is complete, accurate, and valid and you have the highest quality of data.

Increased Productivity

Improve sales rep productivity with 1000x concurrent calls, saving time for other complex tasks.

Easy CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your current CRM and tech stack. Maximize your ROI — with no need for lengthy setup times or costly integrations.


Scale and grow with voice AI virtual agents. Empower your teams, cut queue times, and skyrocket CSAT with GenAI-powered automation.

Bridging the Gap

Voice AI virtual agents ensure high-quality leads that boost sales efficiency, data-driven insights that guide marketing campaign evolution, enabling higher ROI up to 5X with more conversions.

Lead Qualification Solution
Optimize Lead Qualification

Why Voiceowl Is the Best

Accelerate Conversations into Conversions with Gen AI-powered Voice VAs

Automate operations with voice AI virtual assistants, minimizing the manual work of SDRs, saving time in qualifying and lead scoring.

Voice AI virtual assistants tirelessly work to generate more leads, working 24/7, freeing up your SDRs to focus on other value-added tasks.

Automating the operational flows can help lowering the costs up to 60% and higher ROI up to 5X.

Enhanced functionalities of GPT-4 Turbo to elevate the quality of interactions with prospects and customers.

Access to qualified leads and prospects in real-time, allowing faster follow-ups with the most promising leads, in turn boosting CSAT Scores.

Measurable Business Outcomes

Accelerate Conversations into Conversions with Gen AI-powered Voice VAs

Operational Cost Trim
0 %
Fluent languages
0 +
Higher ROI
1 X
More Calls Handled
500 s
More Qualified Leads
0 X
Get Ahead Of The Challenges And Scale up with Gen AI-Powered Automation

Our AI-powered Voice virtual agents leverages proprietary technology and Open AI models to streamline and automate the task of contact, data verification, and lead qualification, reducing manual efforts of the human agents and increasing conversions.

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