Generative AI powered Marketing Acceleration Automation

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams to drive better outcomes and make meaningful conversations standard across all channels.

The Challenges

Regular challenges faced by B2C sales reps include

Sales and Marketing Silos

A bad user experience created due to lack of communication between the marketing and sales teams.

Low Quality Leads

Low-quality leads pose a significant challenge for both sales and marketing teams.

Lack of real-time interaction

Absence of immediate, responsive communication with customers in marketing processes.


Operational costs and budget allocation in the marketing landscape is crucial.

Gen AI Powered Marketing Acceleration Solution

Gain insights into your potential leads, build lasting connections, and enhance ROI across your sales and marketing endeavors.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing automation + CRM platform that ensures sales and marketing teams are synchronized. Each team gets appropriate data about their target audience to effectively run the sales cycle.

Lead Qualification and Funnel Automation

Recognize and qualify the most relevant leads, then nurture their interest in real-time through our AI Voice VAs. Also, it allows SDRs to reach the right lead at the right time before they grow cold.

Increase ROI

Enable a seamless end-to-end transition to provide a compelling customer experience and increase ROI at every stage of the customer cycle.

Why Us

Streamline operations and improve team synchronization, providing each department with the right insights into your target audience. Our cutting-edge AI Voice Virtual Assistants (VAs) are here to redefine marketing automation.

Marketing Automation for Complete Visibility into Sales Cycle

Optimize marketing and sales strategies by automating outcome-driven campaigns across the entire customer journey, to accelerate demand and revenue growth. Deliver meaningful interactions at every touchpoint in an efficient and scalable manner. Accelerate leads down the sales funnel faster with powerful automation features

Lead Management

Leverage AI voices to personalize info for prospects, answer needs now. Combine this with other tactics to nurture leads, build trust, and skyrocket conversions and revenue

Upsell & Cross Sell

Enable effective cross-selling and upselling, delivering targeted offers precisely when customers are most engaged, ensuring optimal upselling results before their interest wanes.

Easy Integration

Ditch manual lead entry! Automate capture across channels (chat, forms, apps) and seamlessly sync to your CRM. Streamline sales & nurture journeys in a snap

Data-Driven Insights

Mine customer interactions for data gold! Analyze it to predict their desires, personalize offerings, and boost your bottom line

Increase in Revenue

Businesses save money across industries with voice AI! It automates agent tasks, reducing costs and boosting revenue. Think smart AI, happy wallet!

Operational Efficiency

AI automates tasks, boosting efficiency and saving costs. This lets businesses free up resources to focus on high-value activities, ultimately driving profit


AI platform automates personalized prospect outreach at scale, using triggers and preferred channels for effortless marketing

Cross-Industry Applicability

Voiceowl's AI automates tasks across industries, from healthcare to finance. It boosts efficiency and profit no matter your business

Ready to Drive Results That Are Meaningful and Measurable?

Discover how a unified strategy with a generative AI-powered automation solution that's tailored to your unique industry needs can streamline marketing and sales processes to maximize revenue.