Reimagine Lead Generation with Gen AI: Exploring Emerging Tech in Sales

Reimagine Lead Generation with Gen AI: Exploring Emerging Tech in Sales

Lead Generation has become a bit of a challenge in today’s environment for almost every organization out there. This is happening because of several factors as you are already aware of, including:

  • Strict GDPR, DPDPA, and other data protection regulations which now limit the outreach.
  • Reduced attention span of prospects. Currently, people only have an attention span of 8.25 seconds, reduced from 12 seconds in the past 2 decades. 
  • A sharp shift in consumer behavior in terms of preferred communication channels (emails, messaging apps, etc., instead of calls).
  • Opting for self-service options has become more and more normal in today’s landscape.

These problems have negatively impacted the lead-generation efforts which are making things difficult for both marketers to bring leads and sales personnel for conversions. All eventually leads to lower sales numbers.

But the emerging technology can be game-changing for this situation. Generative AI or Gen AI (the funky alternative), in simple terms, are algorithms or deep-learning models that can create high-quality text, images, voice, or any other content. The content it generates depends upon the data it was trained on.

But How Does Gen AI Connect with Lead Generation?

Its implementation has already begun in lead generation efforts. For example, we at Voiceowl have prepared Voice Virtual Assistants that have immense capabilities of the Latest Gen AI Model – GPT 4 Turbo. 

These assistants can generate tons of leads efficiently with the help of natural human-like interactions with prospects by being compliant with laws & regulations. Also, it can do two things at the same time – lead generation + verification.

Gen AI Virtual Voice Assistants in Your Lead Generation Efforts Fosters:

  • Automated Efficiency: Eliminate 80% of time-consuming lead generation tasks like research, contact verification, and scoring. Free your teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Hyper-Personalization: Create a positive impression before prospects by offering value as per their requirements via personalized call campaigns to power lead generation and verification efforts simultaneously.
  • Cover Untapped Opportunities: As voice bots can handle calls in bulk, they pave the way to identify untapped lead pools previously missed by traditional methods, opening doors to new revenue streams and market expansion.
  • Consent Management: AI voice assistants can be programmed to obtain explicit and informed consent from individuals before collecting their data. This will allow you to generate leads by being compliant with all rules and regulations set by authorities.
  • Leverage Insights: Leverage AI to predict lead conversion potential, empowering sales teams to prioritize and close more deals with greater precision.

The Expected Result?

By implementing Generative AI in your lead generation, you’re putting your company at an advantage over your competitors. Generative AI can optimize your lead-generation campaigns and skyrocket your sales rapidly.

The stats speak for themselves:

  • As per McKinsey, 70% of organizations that adopted AI into their processes have experienced a boost in marketing and sales revenue. 
  • Businesses harnessing AI in sales experienced a remarkable 50% surge in lead numbers, slashed call times by 70%, and achieved a substantial 60% reduction in calling costs.

These statistics and AI benefits show clearly that AI-powered lead generation is the future! It’s more efficient, accurate, and helps businesses succeed more than ever before.

What’s Next?

Embracing the power of AI with a solution like will ensure a strategic approach to lead generation, unlocking unparalleled potential for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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