How AI Agent Assist Can Fine-Tune Your On-Call and After-Call Work Strategy

How AI Agent Assist Can Fine-Tune Your On-Call and After-Call Work Strategy

When dealing with customers human agents are often faced with critical moments that could be the difference between success or failure. Sometimes human agents aren’t adequately prepared for such circumstances, and can result in an unsatisfactory customer experience. 

These moments are often the deciding factor in whether a client will decide to stay, convert or leave.

“Approximately 64% of consumers prefer businesses capable of addressing their requirements instantly.”

Enters VoiceOwl’s Real-Time AI Agent Assist.

The tool for real-time guidance could make every conversation an opportunity to make money.

Let’s learn about real-time AI agent assist and how it can transform the efficiency of the contact center.

What Is a Contact Center AI Agent Assist? How AI agent assist helps on-call human agents?

Contact Center AI Agent Assist an AI-driven platform. It assists customer service agents by providing real-time assistance on live calls. AI agent assist leverages natural language processing and machine learning to provide intelligent suggestions for live calls.

Its features include:

  • Real-time guidance to remain in compliance.
  • A guideline script to help your reps have the most effective conversations.
  • Proactive identification of issues.
  • Battlecards that empower reps in challenging situations.
  • A complete knowledge base that will ensure that you don’t miss any details.
  • Insightful data-driven insights that are real-time and accurate.
  • Prompt suggestion on Call scripts.
  • Live captions that decode complex accents.

It also provides cross-sell and upsell opportunities and cross-sell opportunities, making it an important technology to shape the future of extraordinary customer interaction.

Maximizing Contact Center Efficiency: Strategies to Streamline After-Call Work (ACW)

In customer service, delivering exceptional support isn’t just about the interaction itself — it’s also about what happens after the call ends. Enter After-call work (ACW), a critical component in ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Let’s delve deep into how innovative AI solutions can revolutionize the way contact centers handle post-call tasks.

Understanding After-call Work (ACW)

Defining ACW

After-call work, commonly abbreviated as ACW, encompasses the vital activities undertaken by agents post-interaction. These tasks range from updating customer records to scheduling follow-up activities and analyzing feedback, all aimed at enhancing service quality and customer experience.

Leveraging AI Agent Assist for ACW for Efficiency

  1. Logging Call Notes and Summarizing

The foundation of efficient ACW lies in meticulous note-taking and call summarization. Leveraging Gen AI-powered automation solutions like VoiceOwl, human agents can bid adieu to manual note-taking. Real-time transcription capabilities coupled with automatic call summarization alleviate the burden on agents, ensuring accurate documentation without compromising efficiency.

  1. Executing Required Actions

Seamless execution of post-call actions is pivotal in closing the loop on customer interactions. With Gen AI-powered integrations, contact centers can automate task assignment and synchronization with CRMs, guaranteeing prompt action and issue resolution.

  1. Analyzing Customer Feedback + Coaching

Effective feedback analysis is the linchpin of service improvement endeavors. Beyond live coaching features, AI-driven solutions like VoiceOwl AI agent assist offer post-call analytics and sentiment analysis, empowering supervisors to identify coaching opportunities and enhance agent performance continuously.

  1. Process Enhancement

Insights gleaned from ACW tracking facilitate process optimization, enabling managers to identify bottlenecks and refine workflows for enhanced operational efficacy.

  1. Proactive Issue Resolution

By analyzing ACW data, contact centers can preemptively address emerging customer pain points, fortifying their service delivery frameworks against potential pitfalls.

Why VoiceOwl’s AI Agent Assist In Real Time?

Let’s examine some of the problems that companies confront and how agent assist can solve these challenges.

  1. Accuracy and confidence

In the first place, the real-time assistance of human agents guarantees that customer interactions are correct, reducing the chances of misinformation or errors. This helps build confidence between the customers and the business.

  1. Contextual understanding

Through the analysis of conversations occurring in real-time, AI agent assist can gain a better understanding of the background of every conversation which leads to more appropriate and useful responses.

  1. Handling changing conversations

Customer conversations change rapidly. In real-time, help is provided to agents at the contact center to respond quickly to changes in topics, tones and needs of customers.

  1. Data security and privacy

Real-time systems have to prioritize security and privacy and ensure that sensitive information exchanged during conversations is secure and compliant with laws.

  1. Systems that are united to ensure smooth flow

Integrating tools and systems in real-time improves workflows for contact center personnel by reducing manual work and increasing the efficiency.

  1. Humans and AI in Sync

AI Agent Assist usually requires collaboration between humans and AI-powered virtual assistants. Making sure that these two parties are in sync provides a seamless experience for customers and leveraging the strengths of both.

  1. Long Hold Times

Wait times are stressful for customers, and can be detrimental to the overall customer experience. Agents can access pertinent information fast, thus reducing the necessity of putting the customers in a queue.

  1. Delayed Resolutions

Long resolution times can result in customer dissatisfaction as well as anger. Human agents with AI real-time assistance are provided with immediate access to information and resources. This speeds up the resolution of issues and improves overall experience for customers.

How VoiceOwl’s AI Agent Assist can benefit your Contact Center

A faster resolution of requests: With checklists and automated guidance cards made available through a real-time assistant AI tool, agents require less time to handle the requests of customers.

Less mistakes: The majority of mistakes made by agents and customer interactions are due to human error. If the request is processed by computers, the possibility of miscommunication will be less.

Enhances customer experience: With Gen AI-powered tools agents don’t have to search for the most accurate information. They can focus on creating highly personal and emotional interactions with customers.

Agent productivity is increased: Automated request processing and knowledge searches are the primary drivers that allow agents to respond to more requests in a shorter amount of time.

Accelerate Agent when boarding: You can train newcomers using previously suggested suggestions and discussions. In the end, the process of training is less time-consuming.

Greater retention of agents: Being a customer service specialist can be stressful. This is why many experts start to consider quitting within the first year. Simple to use AI agents assist tools to provide more acoustic working conditions.

Business-related insights that are valuable. Advanced AI agent assist are able to detect trends in customers and patterns in behavior, and analyze KPIs of agents. These insights are extremely useful for managers. They will be able to make better informed choices regarding the business plan and also professional training for agents.

Increased revenues. Enhanced customer experiences, speedier responses and more personalized interactions results in higher conversions. In addition, the customer acquisition costs are reduced and so are overall operating costs.

The benefits of this range make AI Agent Assist an excellent option for almost any industry that requires interactions with customers.

Elevate Your Contact Center with the Power of AI-Driven Real-Time Assistance

VoiceOwl’s AI Agent Assist isn’t just another contact center tool; it’s a game-changer. It empowers your agents, streamlines operations, and ultimately, transforms the customer experience into a competitive advantage.


  • Real-time guidance: Eliminate errors and misinformation, build customer confidence.
  • Contextual understanding: Respond precisely to evolving conversations, exceed customer expectations.
  • Seamless integrations: Reduce manual work, boost agent efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Human-AI collaboration: Leverage the strengths of both for optimal results.
  • Measurable benefits: Faster resolutions, enhanced customer experience, increased revenue.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your contact center?

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