The Role Of AI Voicebots In Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys And Gathering Feedback In Outbound Contact Centers

The Role Of AI Voicebots In Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys And Gathering Feedback In Outbound Contact Centers

Now, you might be thinking, “AI for surveys? Isn’t that a bit impersonal?” But hold onto your hats because AI voicebots can improve customer satisfaction surveys, especially for outbound calls.

Let’s face it: traditional phone surveys can be a drag. Busy signals, frustrated customers, and the sheer time investment can make them a chore for everyone involved. VoiceOwl’s AI voicebots can change that.

How Generative AI-powered Voicebots Can Transform Your Workflow


Effortless Payment Reminders: Imagine this: a friendly, human-like voice AI virtual assistant reminding customers about an upcoming payment, be it a subscription renewal or a pending order. These AI voicebots can tailor the call based on the amount and urgency and even explain how to pay without that pushy debt collector vibe.

This is a win-win. Debt collection gets a boost (because you’re collecting payments!), and customers avoid late fees (and the awkwardness of human debt collectors).

Painless Feedback Collection: Customer satisfaction is the golden goose of any business. You need to know what your customers think, good or bad. Conversational AI voice bots can be your go-to tool here.

According to a report by Survey Stance, It can be up to 25x more expensive to get a new customer compared to keeping an existing customer.

VoiceOwl’s AI voicebots can engage customers in meaningful conversations, gathering valuable feedback on their experience with your products or services. The best part? The data is all collected and analyzed for you, making it a breeze to identify areas for improvement.

But wait, there’s more! AI voicebots can also be used for:

  • AI Lead Verification —Are you struggling with outdated leads slowing down your sales funnel? Then listen up! VoiceOwl’s AI voicebots is your go to option for AI lead verification. Imagine this: a natural, context-aware (scalable to 100,000+ outbound calls) AI voicebot having a quick conversation with your leads, verifying their information and weeding out the outdated ones—less time wasted on dead-end leads, more time closing real deals. 
  • AI Lead Qualification — Are unqualified leads filling your sales pipeline frustrating you? Look no further than VoiceOwl’s AI voicebots for AI lead qualification. Imagine a friendly, enthusiastic AI virtual assistant striking up conversations with your leads, asking predefined questions, and identifying genuinely interested prospects. No more chasing down tire-kickers! VoiceOwl’s AI voicebots qualify your leads while your sales reps focus on closing deals. 
  • AI Lead Connect — Are your sales reps struggling with IVR labyrinths and gatekeeper roadblocks? VoiceOwl’s AI voicebot cuts through the noise and gets you straight to the people who matter – ready-to-talk leads. Imagine this:  no more battling endless phone trees or getting stuck in endless “press 1 for sales” purgatory for your SDRs. AI virtual assistants handle IVRs and navigate gatekeepers with ease, all while engaging in a meaningful, context-aware conversation. The AI virtual assistant only connects your reps with a live prospect, eliminating wasted time on voicemails and dead ends.

AI voicebots are here to streamline your processes, improve customer experience, and give you the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

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